Maamoul Stuffed with unsalted cheese

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Maamoul Stuffed with unsalted cheese


Take the pieces out of the freezer in order to restore softness.

Baking: Arrange the pieces in a tray greased with little butter.

Then put the tray on the middle grid of a moderately hot oven, for 7 minutes, until the pieces are of golden color.

when the maamoul are ready, sprinkle the fine sugar or the hot molasses on them, as wanted.


Amounts: Tow glasses of water, three glasses of sugar, a teaspoon of flower- water, a teaspoon of lemon juice.


Dissolve sugar in water and put it on moderate fire without stirring.

raise the temperature to boiling degree. Remove the white foam appearing on the surface of water.

leave the mixture to boil slowly for 20 minutes, then add the lemon juice.

when molasses thickens add flower–water and leave the mixture on fire for some minutes. Now molasses is ready for use.

semolina, vegetable ghee, sugar, milk, unsalted cheese, mahaleb and flower water.