Kibbeh with yogurt

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Kibbeh with yogurt


Take the pieces out of the freezer in order to restore softness.

Fry the kibbeh pieces with a moderately hot oil until they are of golden color.

Put one kilogram of yogurt in a pot and add two starch teaspoons, already solved in a glass of water.

Then beat the mixture well.

 Put the fried kibbeh balls in the said mixture and leave them to simmer for 10 minutes.

Heat two spoons of ghee in a frying pan.

Add garlic, minced coriander and salt.

Stir the mixture until the coriander is well done.

Finally, add this fried mixture to the dish of Kibbeh with yogurt before serving it hot.

Parched crushed wheat, animal fat, salt, vegetable butter, beef, sunflower oil, mixed nuts, pepper soya flour, green pepper and onion.