Chich Barak

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Chich Barak


-Remove the chich barak pieces from the freezer and wait until it becomes soft.

-Prepare the labniyah mix.

-Steep half a cup of rice In a heated pot put five cups of yogurt and mix it with two water cups adding salt as desired, and keep mixing.

-Put a small amount of oil in a heated pan, add some mashed garlic and some coriander. When ready add the mix to yogurt and keep mixing, add rice to yogurt and keep mixing until rice is ready.

-Put the chich barak pieces with the mixture. Using medium heating degree wait until the dough is ready to be served. Note: It is possible to fry or grill the pieces before adding it to yogurt.

-Put one spoon of  gee in a heated pan, add some mashed garlic, some coriander and the desired amount of pine.

Finally, spread the mixture over the serving dish.


flour, vegetable butter, salt, starch, beef, pepper and onion.